Common business goals and challenges

Every substantive technology review needs a solid foundation in business goals and business challenges. While all businesses are different many of the fundamental drivers behind each business can be similar.  While we perform our CIO auditing and review, we want to get a deeper understanding of your technology and your business objectives. Creating technology strategy … Read more

Secure and streamline expanding consulting firm

Challenge Expanding boutique wealth management firm needs more efficient communication and collaboration platform. They also need to securely share documents and obtain sensitive client information. Finally, several key firm members operate remotely and need access to same document resources while on the road. Primary focus on sharing and security. Solution Our team decommissioned the existing … Read more

Office Acquisition and Merger of Multi-Site Medical Practice

Challenge Our client, a medical practice, acquired an additional practice. The new practice used an alternative practice management system with a unique database architecture. The new staff also followed different operating procedure and practiced a vastly different company culture. In order to help our client smoothly integrate this new practice into their system, we sought … Read more

Securely connect multiple locations on HIPAA compliant encrypted network

Challenge Our medical practice client required secure interconnectivity between branch offices and virtualized on premise server clusters. All users authenticated and shared client, billing, and business data from various servers located in several locations. It was essential that the system be HIPAA compliant and maintain consistent connections, giving doctors and staff access to medical records … Read more

Standardize, manage, and secure servers and endpoints for business seeking greater control over technology

Challenge Users require more consistency across devices throughout office. Client had several critical business applications failing because of update failures and security problems. Ownership is concerned that staff using their own devices is creating an unnecessary security risk. Solution On-board all servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices into centralized management system. Bring all devices into … Read more

How can I tell if my Internet Service Provider ISP is down?

ISP Outage Ruffling Your Feathers This Morning? Good Morning happy followers…well not for Comcast in Baltimore. It appears there have been rolling outages across our area.  This is a good first look to see if the outage you are experiencing is with your Internet Service Provider so you can self-diagnose the problem before calling “your … Read more

Host Your Entire Website with Hubspot

DNS records when you host your entire website with Hubspot. This post will explain how you can host your entire website, root domain and all, with HubSpot. This is especially useful for any organization using CPanel. This will help you Redirect your root domain effectively to a CName record which is the technical language for making your entire website host … Read more