Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Check Your Backup

Your data integrity is only as safe as its last good backup. That’s why we offer monitored and
managed backup of critical data, workstations, and servers.

We carefully identify key information and establish proper backup strategies and recovery plans. We then monitor the backups for failure and perform routine validations of backed up data. Most backup plans utilize award-winning Acronis software. We also use Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization, creating resilient, reliable server infrastructure.

These solutions are combined with the proactive management and maintenance of our Premier Care service. This means that valuable data and hosted applications remain safe from loss and easily recoverable in the event of hardware/software failure or disaster.

“It’s hard to find a good IT company at a fair price. AVP staff are always very helpful. They perform daily backup of my data, which is very important for my business, and they are always available if I have a question.”

Janet Casey, CPA

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