Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services

Azure Cloud Migration Service

Over the past 2 years, in response to Covid-19, 90% of businesses increased their cloud usage. Azure Cloud Migration Services help companies survive interruptions caused by disasters such as pandemics, weather events, power outages, and technology failures. As many businesses worldwide plan against other eventualities, they are further accelerating their cloud momentum with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced security
  • Quicker data access
  • Flexibility of infrastructure
  • Integrated services
  • Optimal disaster recovery

Microsoft Azure is one such cloud system. The widely adopted platform offers an all-in-one solution from one of the world’s most reliable tech giants, Microsoft. In addition, Azure is designed to significantly enhance security, accelerate app development and use, and optimize overall infrastructure.

What is Cloud Migration?

A cloud technology solution is a way to store, process, and utilize information from specially designed services over the internet. The process of transforming and modernizing your information, applications, and security on hosted environments is known as cloud migrations. Typically the restructured systems reside in data centers and rely upon third-party IT companies who manage and lease or purchase servers on your behalf. Moving and adapting workloads from your on-premises hardware and software to modernized secure and flexible hosted infrastructures requires specific processes and skills best suited for certified professional teams or individuals.

Essentially, you access programs and files through a custom system that connects to an external service server. Cloud connection to external systems for operations is in stark contrast to local file access via on-site devices.

Why You Need Managed Cloud Services

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your operations to a cloud-based system. Three primary reasons are that cloud migration consulting services can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, and increase security. Additionally, operational scalability becomes an easy process with managed services offered by most cloud IT companies. 

We offer flexible solutions to suit any business requirements into a fully-tailored package with enhanced cybersecurity and reduced maintenance responsibilities to your company. We also have expertise in modernizing workflows to take advantage of specially designed workflows for the Azure Cloud.

The migration to cloud services must also include managing the costs. Azure Cloud Migration Services are billed differently in the cloud. Expect to see data ingress/egress (incoming and outgoing bandwidth), storage, processing cycles, and expanding backup. There are also fees for data replication into different geo-locations. We also monitor and manage your systems to help minimize costs associated with cloud services.

Migration Services

There are many competitive cloud systems from which you can choose. Some of the best options include products from tech giants like Google and Amazon. Yet more accessible features with ease-of-use and familiarity come from Microsoft. 

You may already use Microsoft 365 for your office apps, and 365 is a cloud-based system. Microsoft Azure is an all-in-one solution with modernization built-in. Azure currently supports cloud migration services for SAP, Red Hat OpenShift, and hybrid deployments through its Migration and Modernization Program.

The Benefits of Using Azure

High-end cloud systems like Azure come with many obvious advantages such as security, easy access, and peace of mind through data backups. But the seemingly superficial nature of cloud systems belies the vast and complex reality that offers more than meets the eye:

  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world without a VPN
  • Virtual machine installation in minutes
  • Flexible scalability, so you only pay for resources you use
  • Multiple disaster recovery and backup storage options
  • Automatic updates on Microsoft’s end

Additionally, you can save physical space and resources because there is no need for climate-controlled secure server rooms operated by expert, high-salary personnel. Meanwhile, scalability issues are all but eliminated as Azure runs seamlessly with other applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint. 

Let Us Help You Today

Our full-service Managed Service Provider (MSP) approach is based on evaluating your needs constantly and implementing the most suitable technology. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support to your business by offering proactive and ongoing operations management. 

We are here to help you transition from an outdated and risky traditional data infrastructure to modern, secure, and future-resistant cloud systems. Our vast resources and expert team will guide you through Microsoft Azure cloud migration services with support at each stage of consultation. 

If you are ready to change your relationship with technology, we are prepared to help you. Contact us today and allow us to take your company performance and infrastructure firmly into the 21st century with our managed services for Microsoft Azure.

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