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Network security is not as simple as installing anti-virus software or a commercial firewall. If it were, cyber-security threats would be a thing of the past.
The reality is that threats come in many forms, compromising sensitive information in an instant. Effective security requires a well-managed process that carefully blends hardware, software, protocol, and discipline. We not only deploy and maintain the necessary technology, we also work with you and your staff to develop Acceptable Use policies and reinforce best practices. This creates a robust security infrastructure that meets both industry best standards and regulatory requirements (ex. HIPAA).

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“When we moved offices, there was an issue with our internet, which ended up being a problem with our network. Avid Practice was able to come in and fix that very quickly.”

Financial Services Firm, Baltimore MD

We use Cisco Meraki hardware and software to create and maintain flexible, resilient networks for our clients. Meraki technology provides all the advantages of an enterprise-grade network at a cost suitable for small businesses. Its cloud-based design allows remote monitoring and management, minimizing the need for expensive and time-consuming on-site service calls. Meraki systems are easily scalable, so your network keeps pace with your business growth.

Premier Care may include proactive maintenance and unlimited reactive care for your entire network Infrastructure. Read more about the advantages of Premier Care.

“It always feels like Shawn is aware of everything going on in the world of IT management. When there’s something specific that we can benefit from, he comes to me.”

Stacy Sapperstein, 28 Walker Development

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