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Your CIO is Your Technology Advisor

As an entrepreneur, you understand that the success of your small or medium business is heavily dependent on effective IT strategy. But small and medium businesses often lack the financial resources to hire a Chief Information Officer (CIO).

By working with a CIO from Baltimore-based CIO Consultant Avid Practice, you’ll get expert IT strategy designed for your unique needs and goals. The CIO is responsible for the strategy and budget executives need to make business decisions. We understand the significance of this role, which is why every Premier Care client has a dedicated Technology Advisor.

“I definitely feel that the strategy and ideas that Shawn brings to us are suited for our unique needs as a company.” Stacy Sapperstein, 28 Walker Development

Your Technology Advisor will invest time into studying your organization from day-to-day operations, to personnel, to long-term growth objectives. They will also analyze your current technology from both a technological and business perspective. Your Advisor will work closely with you, devising a long-term strategy and budget. They are also your advocate, looking out for your best interests in every decision. You and your Advisor will have regular steering meetings to review comprehensive reports and identify your current technology status as related to real business risk, empowering you with the tools to make better business decisions. This maintains complete transparency between you, your Advisor, and your IT team.

Along with these meetings, our Premier Care plan includes constant proactive IT management and support for a predictable monthly rate. Read more about Premier Care.

“As highly qualified as they are, Shawn and his staff can talk on a non-expert level. They can explain strategy and solutions in normal words, whereas often IT people can be good at IT, but can’t explain it to a non-IT person.”

Stacy Sapperstein
28 Walker Development

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