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Law firm technology has expanded the capabilities of small and medium law firms allowing them to compete with firms much larger.  While these technologies can make lawyers more effective, and the practices that use them more profitable; it can easily increase liability and complexity pulling the members into technical roles divergent from the law firms focus.Our commitment to you, a Technological Professionalism Code, we have each recited as part of our initiation in becoming a better technology consultant for your law practice.

The Avid Practice Technology Professionalism Code


CIVILITY: I shall (1) conduct myself in a manner that enhances the image of technology consultants; (2) strive to exemplify and promote the highest ideals of the consulting profession; (3) be compassionate and understanding in all relations; and (4) encourage kind and sympathetic behavior in others.

PREPARATION: I shall be adequately prepared to support and enlighten my client on all matters. I shall continue my education and focus on providing the best possible service to my clients.

AVID AND COMMITMENT: I shall support my client avidly and, commit to sustaining my technical expertise, and strive to achieve lasting positive results as quickly and affordably as possible. In doing so, I shall professionally exercise the appropriate remediation to derive the most effective resolution possible. I will do prevent my client’s ill will from interfering with their best interest and that of their organization.

PUNCTUALITY: I shall punctually communicate with others. I shall return phone calls, instant messages, emails, and any other communication promptly. I will be prepared for all meeting, service calls, phone appointments, and other commitments. I shall make best efforts to notify all people affected by any delay as much in advance as possible.

COMMUNICATION: I will ensure others can confidently rely on my word. I will always be courteous, candid and honest in my communications. I will observe all commitments I make and will document those commitments promptly to avoid misunderstandings and foster positive future outcomes. I will not criticize make personal criticisms at any time. I will act courteously and in good faith. I will state information and proposals to those involved accurately and within the scope of our relationship. I will not focus on the noise and pain of the issue, but on the substance and sustainable success.

DEADLINES: (1) Before scheduling dates or imposing deadlines, I shall try to accommodate calendar conflicts resulting from previously scheduled appointments, service calls, steering meetings, conferences, vacations, seminars, or other events. (2) I shall agree to reasonable requests for delays created by events or vendors out of our control and notify my clients when their legitimate interests will be materially or adversely affected. (3) I shall only request a delay in service for a justified purpose. (4) I shall avoid last-minute cancellations or requests for delays except in cases of absolute necessity. (5) I shall make scheduling decisions that encourage another party’s and overall success. (6) I shall not impose arbitrary or unreasonable deadlines. (7) I shall notify anyone affected by appointment or meeting cancellation as soon as possible.

DISCOVERY: (1) I shall (a) limit my discovery requests to items that are necessary for the preparation and evaluation of my client’s organizational success; (b) conduct discovery in a courteous, thorough, and respectful manner; (c) conduct discovery without harassing or intimidating any person; and (d) provide all findings and information to client received during discovery. (2) I shall refrain from (a) taking action on discovery prior to review with client; (b) providing findings to others in the client’s organization other than those who are approved; (c) delaying my response to information requests; or (d) producing documents in a disorganized or unintelligible fashion, or in a way calculated to obscure information.

ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATIONS: (1) I shall always encourage my client to explore alternative resolutions once they are aware of the requirements. (2) I shall always consider the issue of whether my client’s interest would be better served by these alternative methods by expressing their impact on achieving their business objectives.

GENDER, RACIAL ETHNIC BIAS, AND EDUCATIONAL: In both my personal and professional life, I shall, at all times, refrain from engaging in conduct that creates the appearance of gender, racial, ethnic, or educational bias. I will support, communicate, and advise everyone equally and strive to encourage others to do the same.

Your goal to protect and improve the lives and organizations of your clients while remaining complaint and true to your oath, requires dedication, commitment, and knowledge.  You are continuously faced with the juxtaposition of the ancient practice of law and the ever-changing world of technology.  Clearly, there are benefits to technology which can lead to enhancing your overall practices success, lowering your liability, and most importantly (in our humble opinion) giving you and your firm a better work-life balance.

Regulations and changing technologies put significant pressure on Law Firms.  Finding the balance between keeping clients protected, running a successful law firm, and remaining compliant with strict standards can be overwhelming.  We know every small and medium practice doesn’t have large firm budgets, yet can benefit from a robust combination of technology and workflow.  As a practice manager, managing attorney, or partner, you realize the significance of your technology decisions and need a technology partner who can help guide, manage, and support your law firms technology.  We are familiar with regulations such as HIPAA, and have productivity tools that are easy to use and will keep you compliant while letting your practice stay profitable.

Below is a list of concepts all practice managers, managing partners, or other practice shareholders, should take into account when evaluating the best practice management and other productivity application technology or security solutions.  We understand the specific needs of law practices and will work closely with you to develop, deploy, and manage your long-term strategy for sustainable and lasting success.

  1. Practice management Software
    1. Scheduling
    2. Filing Reminders
    3. Time Capturing
    4. Billing and Collection
    5. Conflict Checking
    6. Mobile access
    7. Staff Coordination
    8. Practice Analytics
    9. Form Generation
    10. Client Portal
    11. Security/Encryption
  2. Document Management
    1. Document Organization and Compliance
    2. Document Recall
    3. Information Security
    4. Secure Sharing
    5. Document Collaboration
    6. Paperless/Reduction of Paper/Printing
  3. Connected Appliances
    1. Smart Phones/Tablets
    2. Phones/VOIP
    3. Scanners/All-in-One/Multi-Function
    4. Printers
    5. Transcription
    6. Visual Aids
  4. Security
    1. Network Security Deployment and Management
    2. Managed Firewalls
    3. Managed Network Switches
    4. Managed Wi-Fi and Wireless Access
  5. Encryption
    1. Device Encryption
    2. Data Encryption
    3. Backup Encryption

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