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Your optical, optometry, or ophthalmology practice needs the right technology to deliver the best patient experience and care.  Beyond software and devices, all of your technology cloud or on premises must work with you and allow you to flow from patient to patient without slowing you down.  We understand optical, optometry, and ophthalmology practices are more than just a place to get glasses or contact lenses.  From recalls to insurance billing, testing to fittings, the patient experience and care must remain a priority.  As an care giver, you must balance providing care and running a business.  We understand you have many decisions every day, some of which have lasting impacts into your practices value and quality.  Optometry and ophthalmology technology is constantly evolving so choosing a technology consulting partner familiar with these technologies and the business of optometry and ophthalmology practices has many benefits.  We want to work with you to improve your practice and provide better patient care.  We want to help you evaluate your technological needs, from testing devices to billing systems and architect and deploy new systems, or just support what you have in a better way.Your Optical, Optometry, or Ophthalmology practice has some unique needs.  List below are some of the specific considerations you should take into account when evaluating technologies, compliance, and productivity.  The key is to find and maintain consistently effective technology for your practice so you can focus on your patients.

  1. Patient Record Management
    1. Electronic Medical Records
    2. Patient Notes
    3. Secure Sharing
  2. Practice management Software
    1. Scheduling
    2. Billing and Collection
    3. Insurance Companies
    4. Prescriptions and E-prescribing
    5. Staff Coordination
    6. Practice Analytics
    7. Form Generation
    8. Patient Portal
    9. Patient Appointment Reminders
  3. Connected Medical Appliances
    1. Diagnostic Equipment Integration
    2. Auto Rerefractor / Keratometer
    3. Imaging Systems
    4. Digital Phoropter
    5. Visual Field
    6. Photography
  4. Security
    1. Network Security Deployment and Management
    2. Managed Firewalls
    3. Managed Network Switches
    4. Managed Wi-Fi and Wireless Access
  5. Encryption
    1. Device Encryption
    2. Data Encryption
    3. Backup Encryption

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