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Small and Medium business in the United States are rapidly becoming target #1.  They know most businesses don’t have the right policies, procedures, and architecture to thwart their efforts.  Simply, your organization is likely an easy target.  Now consider the data you have in your control.  Sure it may only be a few hundred or thousand patient or client files, but the total number adds up quickly when you include other health care providers, attorneys, financial planners, accountants.


Compromise Credenitals


Days attacker on network before detection


Small % Medium Businesses Targeted

In addition to the full suite of Cisco Meraki networking hardware, we layer monitoring and additional rules, but that still isn’t enough to effectively combat the onslaught of attacks.  True readiness requires a battery of hardware, software, analytics, best practices, awareness, acceptable use, and ongoing education.  As seriously we take security, protecting your organization is a team effort.  It is much better to prevent an attack than deal with the aftermath.

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