Cisco Meraki

Necessary Protection and Insight for Your Business

As certified Cisco Meraki partners, we use industry leading products to maintain and protect your network.

We supply clients with groundbreaking Cisco Meraki access points (MR), switches (MS), and security appliances (MX). This brings enterprise-level internet access to your workstations and mobile devices. Your network will be:

Flexible: Your network will be completely customized to your business needs, whether you’re a small one-room office or spread across multiple sites. Adding new hardware as you grow is a quick, simple process.

Accessible: Cisco Meraki’s intuitive, comprehensive interface allows us to remotely manage your network. We have complete control over who has access and how they use it, as well as a wealth of analytic data at our fingertips. When problems arise, we resolve them quickly, often without the time and expense of an on-site service visit.

Secure: Cisco Meraki networks are PCI and HIPAA compliant, so your data is completely secure. Cisco Meraki MX products offer the functionality of 6 devices in one- branch router, firewall, VPN, content filter, load balancer, and WAN accelerator. Secure VPNs allow for safe, rapid site-to-site communication.

Robust: Meraki networks automatically adjust performance for high density areas or heavy use periods. Even during an area internet outage, you still have access to your local area network for access to shared printers, files, etc.

Our team is certified in the full suite of Cisco Meraki products. As part of our Premier Care package, we provide consistent proactive management, ensuring your network aligns with industry best practices and stays compliant with regulatory requirements (ex. HIPAA) with minimal effort on your part.

Tired of a slow network? Scared it isn’t secure? It’s our priority to ensure speed and security for your entire organization.

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