Aesthetics and Cosmetic Medical Practice Managed IT Support Services

Balancing the Medicine and Business of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Practice Technology

Of all types of medical practices, Aesthetics and Cosmetic medical practices are a unique blend of medicine and business.  Similar to non-medical businesses, aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices must market services to patients and focus on patient experience building lasting relationships while maintaining a strict adherence to ethical and regulatory guidlines.

Your aesthetic and cosmetic practices isn’t a general medical practice with a good marketing department.  Your practice needs business partners who are attuned to your needs and aligned with your vision.  We see our customers as patients and provide personal caring with our holistic approach.  Trust is critical to our relationships, we want you making better decisions with the information and services we provide and improving upon your life outside of your practice. 

When selecting the right IT support company for your aesthetics or cosmetic practice it is important to align yourself with a company who understands your needs.  It’s not as simple as installing the right software and answering the phone, your IT provider must provide the services and support specific to your practice.  Your industry is highly competitive, choosing the right IT services provider reduces risk and increases your profitability.  

It’s More than Technology or Aesthetics Practice, It’s a Lifestyle

How often do you find yourself speaking with a patient after office hours, sending emails on vacation, guiding a patient through a tough time while at dinner, or doing a follow up before a scheduled appointment somewhere other than your office?  Why do you do this?  Certainly not because you are ethically obligated, well at least not most of the time.  You do it because you care and want to see your patients find success in the recommendation you provided and procedures you or your practice performed.

Your aesthetic medical practice has an even more significant obligation to the subjective because of the elective nature of your procedures.  Your patients are there because they want to be there.  They are using you because they like and trust you.  Whether you want to admit it or not, your practice is your life, and so is ours.  Our lives are enmeshed in the technology that helps your aesthetics practice thrive.  We find the connection between the artistic outlet and ability to help people find deeper happiness in themselves fascinating.  Whether you feel your aesthetics practice is just a business or a vehicle to your legacy or both, we understand and want to help you realize your goals.  We live it with you, and will be there for pain and victories, and help you find the success in your aesthetics practice you deserve.

Your Patients Are Our Patients

Your expectations of the technology and medical practice relationship have changed over the last decades. With rising numbers of I.T., software companies, and Cloud options, “Managed Service Providers” of “MSP” have emerged stating they are the thread-less facelift or skin tightening cream that actually works…forever.  While their contracts and plans reflect the intention of the relationship, it paints the wrong image of what a full-service technology partner focused on your success should be.  Sure, they may provide patch management and anti-virus, but they miss the very personal nature and connection any service provider should have.  They also likely glaze over many of the important details requiring a richer knowledge of a medical practice saying it is just about compliance and technology, well, it isn’t.

Deeper Personal Connection and Knowledge

It doesn’t matter if your practice is coming to us for software advice, hardening network security, or general computer support, we must have the same compassion, concern, and expertise.  Our consultants and our care team are entrusted with every relevant detail of your lives from desktops and servers to travel and work habits. These details enlighten us and helping you make better decisions and reinforce our enduring relationship.  We know this relationship is paramount in delivering the right service the right way to your practice.

Aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices have to balance the practice of medicine and profitably deliver subjective and elective services to patients.  This means you must find and effectively use technology purpose built, configured, and managed for medical spas and aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices.  Some fundamental similarities exist between general medical practice management with the additional needs of inventory control, private pay, photo ,recalling, and marketing.

Listed below are concepts all practice managers or managing physicians should take into account when evaluating the best medispa, aesthetic, or cosmetic practice productivity application technology or security solutions.  We understand the specific needs of medical practices and will work closely with you to develop, deploy, and manage your long-term strategy.

  1. Patient Record Management
    1. Electronic Medical Records
    2. Patient Notes
    3. Secure Sharing
  2. Practice management Software
    1. Scheduling
    2. Billing and Collection
    3. Credit Card and ePay integration
    4. Insurance Companies (when applicable)
    5. Prescriptions and E-prescribing
    6. Staff Coordination
    7. Patient treatment follow up and reminders
    8. Practice Analytics
    9. Form Generation
    10. Patient Portal
    11. Patient Appointment Reminders
  3. Connected Medical Appliances
    1. Diagnostic Equipment Integration
    2. Photography
    3. Tablets
  4. Security
    1. Network Security Deployment and Management
    2. Managed Firewalls
    3. Managed Network Switches
    4. Managed Wi-Fi and Wireless Access
    5. Compliant video surveillance
  5. Encryption
    1. Device Encryption
    2. Data Encryption
    3. Backup Encryption
  6. Digital Signage and Displays
    1. Interactive Kiosk
    2. Touch Screens
    3. Information Boards
    4. Video Boards and Wall
    5. Procedure Room
    6. Waiting Room
    7. Conference/Training Room

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