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Our Mission: Helping you achieve your goals through strategy and support. Our Goal: Empowering you to make better decisions.

We work hard to engage with your organization, to help you better understand the impact of your choices, and find ways to continually improve your ability to achieve success. The core of our process is self-improvement through alignment with our standards, along with consistent evaluation and re-assessment of those standards. This results in reduced risk and increased efficiency while empowering you with more command and control over your organization. This requires discipline and a real commitment to your ongoing success.  We value our relationships and ultimately know that your success is our success. Are you ready to make better decisions?

“When we moved offices, there was an issue with our internet, which ended up being a problem with our network. Avid Practice was able to come in and fix that very quickly.” Financial Services Firm, Baltimore MD
These solutions are combined with the proactive management and maintenance of our Premier Care service. This means that valuable data and hosted applications remain safe from loss and easily recoverable in the event of hardware or software failure, or disaster.

There are three major components of Premier Care, all provided by members of your Care Team.

Inspections:  We continuously observe and document the current state of your technology. This is essential in establishing deficiencies and tracking progress made during our relationship. Inspections are the foundation for creating your strategic plan and proactively maintaining your company’s technology infrastructure.

Consultations: As inspections are completed, our Care Team reports (in plain English) how your existing technology aligns with your business goals, along with strategic recommendations, so you can make better business decisions. We help develop your long-term technology strategy, budget, and acquisition processes based on risk and impact. This results in more effective IT with more predictable costs.

Proactive and Reactive Care: Our Care Team focuses on minimizing disruptive experiences by proactively maintaining and reactively supporting your business technology. We monitor and manage your systems 24/7/365, install critical patches and security updates, maintain antivirus compliance, validate backups, monitor critical services, and track open issues. (This is typically done during your off hours, so you stay as safe and productive as possible.) When an issue arises, the Care Team is your first point of contact for all support requests. Want help with Outlook? Need to add a user or change security permissions? No problem! Contact us as often as needed, without fear of incurring extra charges (except for matters that fall outside of Premier Care, as described below).

What IS Included in Premier Care

  • Regular inspections by Care Team members
  • Quarterly steering meetings with business IT experts, so you can strategically and predictably align your IT systems with your business goals
  • Comprehensive Quarterly or Monthly reporting on your business technology.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Management. Includes patch installation, security updates, software updates, and license expirations.
  • Proactive maintenance of workstations, laptops, servers, printers, network switches, and managed firewalls
  • Managed Anti-Virus software
  • Asset Management and Labeling
  • Assistance in creating and enforcing a corporate Acceptable Use policy
  • Basic security audits and reporting (not including penetration testing or 3rd party software code validation)
  • Establishing security protocols and plan of action for security incidences
  • Management of Microsoft and Office 365 licenses (does not include actual licenses)
  • Unlimited support for any hardware or software listed above, both remote and on-site

What IS NOT Included in Premier Care

  • Work on any hardware that is not under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adding new hardware or software, or other project work, such as server migrations or data recovery. (We are happy to take on projects and offer a discounted hourly rate for Premier Care clients. See IT Projects for more details.)
  • Support for third party and other line of business applications (This can be added at additional cost. See Productivity Applications for applications we can support.)
  • Leased security appliances, Firewall as a Service, Video Surveillance as a Service

Premier Care

Avid Practice Premier Care is an alignment process, consisting of a suite of services, including consulting, monitoring, management, proactive IT maintenance, security, and backup at a single monthly cost. This includes workstations, laptops, tablets, phones, servers, printers, network infrastructure, and managed firewalls. Additionally, we manage your Microsoft licensing and Office 365 subscriptions, web presence, and other assets. In short, you get the resources you need to drive effective strategy and align your technology with our time-proven best practices. We provide the tools to maintain complete control over your technology, while improving productivity and operating efficiency.

Basic Care

Just looking for proactive management and maintenance, and managed anti-virus? Our Basic Care package provides 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and maintenance of your workstations, laptops, servers, and network infrastructure, as well as managed anti-virus. Most clients who choose this service are organizations who manage their own IT strategy yet want to ensure their devices have up-to-date patching and anti-virus/anti-malware protection. You will also have access to our world-class help desk support.

Additional services, such as remote desktop access, managed network security, or managed remote backup, can be added as needed, allowing you to pair our services with your organizational needs.

“Everyone at Avid Practice is very friendly, kind, and helpful. They explain things clearly. If there’s something that repeatedly comes up, they can teach us how to handle it so that we can help ourselves, too.”

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