Microsoft Hyper-V

Affordable and Robust Virtualization Technology

Avid Practice uses Microsoft’s Hyper-V Virtualization software to create and manage virtual machines on your servers.

Virtual Machines (VMs) are software versions of computers, complete with their own operating system, programs, and storage. Enterprise-grade servers can run multiple VMs on a single piece of hardware. Avid Practice has been using virtualized technology for over 12 years. Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machines have the most cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers the security and flexibility any organization should expect from its advanced server architecture.

Servers play any number of roles for a business, from hosting file sharing services to running HVAC systems. By installing multiple VMs, we spread these roles across multiple computing systems. The systems operate independently; if one VM is affected by software failure or outside threat, the others continue to function normally. VMs can also have redundancy, so another VM host automatically takes over if the original host is compromised. This makes the entire server infrastructure more secure and far less prone to failure. What does that mean for you? Small problems stay small. Productivity stays high.

With Premier Care, we manage all the Virtual Machines on your on premises, hybrid, or cloud servers with round-the-clock proactive maintenance and rapid problem resolution.

Affordable and Robust Virtualization Technology

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