Common business goals and challenges

Every substantive technology review needs a solid foundation in business goals and business challenges.

While all businesses are different many of the fundamental drivers behind each business can be similar.  While we perform our CIO auditing and review, we want to get a deeper understanding of your technology and your business objectives. Creating technology strategy depends on your organizations business goals. These are many common business goals and challenges that we have experienced with our clients. 

Business Goals

  1. Geographic Expansion: The company is looking to expand geographically to serve/grow its customer base.
    Potential needs: Capacity, Workstations, Carrier/Network services, Security (Edge and System), Local DR
  2. Organizational Expansion: The company is expanding its employee base to meet the growing needs of the organization.
    Potential needs: Capacity, Workstations, Security, Collaboration tools, Policy/Procedure development
  3. M&A Expansion: The organization is expanding through mergers and acquisitions.
    Potential Needs: Security, Collaboration tools, Assessments, Policy/Procedure development
  4. Increase Revenues: The company is looking to increase revenues within the organization
    Potential needs: Automation, Systems/Capacity, Outsourcing
  5. Improve Talent: Ability to hire the best no matter where they reside.
    Potential needs: Remote Access Technologies, Security, collaboration tools
  6. Protect/Safeguard Data: Keep all intellectual property and customer data protected
    Potential needs: Disaster Recovery, Security, Monitoring, Patch Management
  7. Reduce Costs: Reduce optimize all technology costs to make the organization more nimble
    Potential needs: Audits/Assessments, Digital Transformation (removing CAPEX), Carrier/Network contract renegotiations.

Business Challenges

  1. Manage Expansion: Explosive growth can be a challenge as well as a benefit. How can IT keep up?
    Potential needs: Project Management, Systems and Capacity, Security, Collaboration, Policy/Procedure development
  2. Downsizing: Reduction of staff and/or locations for the business.
    Potential needs: Contract labor, Security, Managed Services, Automation
  3. Finding Talent: Difficulty finding talent for the business
    Potential needs: Collaboration, Remote Access, Security
  4. Aging Technology: Aging technology platforms make it difficult to do everyday tasks.
    Potential needs: System Refresh, Digital Transformation, HaaS, SaaS

IT Goals

  1. Modernize Technology: Update the technology and infrastructure
    Potential needs: Systems/Capacity, Workstations, Software, SaaS, IaaS, Security
  2. Improve Security: Improve data protection and overall security
    Potential needs: Multi-factor, Assessments/Audits, Disaster Recovery, Security appliances
  3. Improve Collaboration: Add channels for better collaboration and sharing
    Potential needs: Collaboration tools, Collaboration Sites/Spaces, Security
  4. Digital Transformation: Move more workloads into the cloud
    Potential needs: SaaS, IaaS, Project Work

Do these common business goals and challenges sound familiar? Do they help you better understand how to relate you technology with your business plans and objectives? Please let us know how we can help your organization achieve it’s potential.