Secure and streamline expanding consulting firm


Expanding boutique wealth management firm needs more efficient communication and collaboration platform. They also need to securely share documents and obtain sensitive client information. Finally, several key firm members operate remotely and need access to same document resources while on the road. Primary focus on sharing and security.


Our team decommissioned the existing server and provided a customized Office 365 portal. Additionally, we configured SharePoint as a Document Center and deployed the most current Microsoft Office Software Suite. Office 365 was also leveraged to serve as as enterprise email, contact, and calendar server, granting users access to shared calendar showing company meetings and other company-wide events. Server decommissioning and email migration took place after hours. In order to accommodate additional client requests, a managed firewall was used to protect their site from attacks and allow a redundant Internet connection. Additionally, a network multi-function machine was used so users could print from or scan to local or mobile devices. Once all data was migrated, appropriate updates were made to devices and all users were able to synchronize devices with email, contact, and calendar server.


As a result, overall productivity and office efficiency increased. Our regular consulting assisted the firm streamline their use of the document center and manage devices with more security. They are also able to securely obtain and share sensitive client information both internally and externally.