Standardize, manage, and secure servers and endpoints for business seeking greater control over technology


Users require more consistency across devices throughout office. Client had several critical business applications failing because of update failures and security problems. Ownership is concerned that staff using their own devices is creating an unnecessary security risk.


On-board all servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices into centralized management system. Bring all devices into technical alignment:
1. Installing requisite security software
2. Patching software and operating systems
3. Performing an audit and creating inventory of all assets
4. Reviewing logs and alerts for hardware, software, and configuration deficiencies and remediating as needed.
5. Discussing issues with existing architecture and making necessary adjustments.
6. Optimize performance of all devices
Sustain performance and security by monitoring and maintaining all devices after they are in alignment with best practices.


Office benefitted from a substantial improvement of device control. By centrally managing everything, performance, reliability, and security improved creating higher office productivity and morale. Owners are more comfortable allowing staff to use own devices because they a have controls and standards protecting sensitive information.