Create scalable, robust, compliant and affordable infrastructure for start-up


An upstart hedge fund required scalable compliant and secure infrastructure. Due to software limitations and processing requirement, full cloud deployment was not viable. It was critical that our client be able to create and protect intellectual property as efficiently as possible. As well as access and process real-time data feeds. Since they are a regulated upstart with limited funds, considerations must be made for budget and security.


By prioritizing and balancing requirements, we determined that a hybrid cloud deployment would best meet our client’s needs. Security and user policies were managed by an on premise private cloud array. The files were encrypted, duplicated to a shared cloud platform, and backed up to an encrypted off-premise backup provider. Office 365 allowed the installation of the most current on premise Microsoft Office suite, corporate email, shared calendars, unified contacts, and cross-device synchronization. A centralized cloud based security and patch management system maintained endpoint security, and an appropriately sized managed security appliance was used as a network barrier from targeted Internet based attacks.


The fund was able to scale its capacity, develop intellectual property, securely share internally and externally, and maintain a lightweight and dynamic staff. By leveraging both cloud resources and cloud application integration, they developed several strategies and established themselves as subject matter experts. They have consistently published findings and successfully maximized their intellectual output with a nominal staff. By keeping costs low and having access to cutting edge tools, the fund has been able to produce industry leading ideas and operate on minimal operating expense. The high productivity to expense ratio has given them a greater opportunity to achieve sustained success and probability of launching fund.