Unblock blocked traffic through Untangle firewall

Why are we doing this: Untangle firewalls block services we need to use 

Intended outcome:  Usage of specific services (like FTP, or SSH) that are blocked by Untangle 

Step 1:  
Log in to your Untangle Firewall web portal with Admin credentials. After logging in you should be seeing the screen below. Then we click the config button 

Step 2: 
On the next screen, we click the Network icon 

Step 3:  
We select “Bypass Rules” (cirle 1) and then we select “add” (circle 2). 

Step 4: 
After we click “add” a window will pop-up as seen below. On field 1, we can enter a description of the bypass rule, and by clicking on circle 2 we can add a condition from the available options