Top things you MUST DO NOW to improve your Cyber Safety

  1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on every service possible. Yes, this can be inconvenient, but there are ways of making it easier such as using an authenticator app like Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.
  2. Use a unique password for every service. If you hear yourself saying, “which of my passwords could it be?” when logging in somewhere, you probably re-use passwords. STOP and come up with a formula to generate a password unique to every site or service. Pick something complex. Need more help… we made this guide to help.
  3. Technology Hygiene – keep your computer updated with patches and anti-virus. Also remove unused programs (on your phone too).
  4. Do some training to recognize and avoid about phishing and other cyber scams. Learn more about how you can recognize phishing attacks.
  5. Backup Backup and more Backup. In many cases it’s when not if, so be sure to keep at least 2 good copies of your files in different locations. We recommend 2 versions as well in case your last one was inadvertently saved with problems.