Secure Managed Remote Access Being Offered

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming more and more adamant that many, if not most, of businesses and organizations, are moving to a telecommute structure for their employees. This structure will allow businesses to keep moving even in the event of a quarantine. More importantly, businesses are taking this approach to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus and to protect their employees. To successfully transition to this structure businesses will need to be able to create an environment that allows employees to access programs, applications, and files. Remote access will allow them to continue working with minimal if any, interruption.

Avid Practice Secure Managed Remote Access

Avid Practice is now offering Secure Managed Remote Access. This is affordable enterprise-grade security allowing you and your entire team access from any device into your work computer.

Taking it beyond SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, it will allow you to access the applications on your work desktops such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Peachtree to name a few. You will have remote printing capability, multiple monitor support and be able to keep your multiple screens.

It is compatible with on-premise systems (such as your work computer), cloud systems and even some third-party hosted systems.

You will also have access to management systems like your security cameras, access controls servers, etc. while you are out of the building.

The Avid Practice Secure Managed Remote Access creates the ability to have remote access to things that weren’t even designed with remote access in mind.

Avid Practice Remote Connection and Collaboration Suite

Working on your office machine remotely isn’t enough to stay highly productive. We combine managed secure remote access with the benefits of Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients, their businesses and employees, and the community to adapt to the COVID-19 Pandemic with the smoothest transition as possible.

Please reach out to us at 443-386-4445 for further information and on how we can get you and your business set up.

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