Centrally Managed IT Leads to Increased Productivity and Happy Employees




Our client’s office suffered due to a lack of consistency across devices. Several critical line-of-business applications were failing because of issues with security and updates. The business owners were also concerned that their staff created an unnecessary security risk by using their personal devices for work.



First, we brought all servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices into a centralized management system. Then we brought all devices into alignment with best practices for performance and security. Steps included: 

  1. Perform an audit and create an inventory of all assets 
  2. Install requisite security software 
  3. Patch operating systems and other software 
  4. Review logs and alerts for hardware, software, and configuration deficiencies; remediate problems as needed 
  5. Adjust existing IT architecture as necessary after discussing issues with client 
  6. Optimize performance of all devices 

Once all devices were in alignment, we sustained high levels of performance and security via consistent monitoring and maintenance.  



The business benefitted from substantial improvement in device maintenance and control. Central device management led to greatly improved performance, reliability, and security, which in turn improved office productivity and morale. Additionally, the owners are more comfortable allowing staff to use personal devices, since they have the controls and standards to protect sensitive information.

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