Securely Connecting Offices on an Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant Network




medical practice needed secure network connections between separate office locations, as well as between virtualized on-premise server clusters. All users needed the ability to authenticate and share client, billing, and business data, which was stored on servers in several locations. It was essential that the system be HIPAA compliant and maintain consistent connections, so that doctors and staff had constant access to records and billing systems.



We evaluated our client’s requirements for network security and speed. We then deployed both a managed Virtual Private Network and an isolated guest network that provided internet without the ability to access sensitive patient data. This included deploying managed firewalls to each office location so that we can remotely monitor and adjust firewall settings, ensuring compliance, security, and high performance.



The new systems assisted us in identifying intermittent connectivity issues at one office, which saved us considerable time in diagnosing and addressing the problem and led to substantial improvements in system reliability. Doctors and staff were delighted with increased network performance and ability to access server resources, confident in the knowledge that their practice is fully HIPAA compliant. Patients waiting for care are now able to securely connect to the guest network, and staff can use devices that require internet without access to confidential information.

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