Office Acquisition and Merger of Multi-Site Medical Practice




Our client, a medical practice, acquired an additional practice. The new practice used an alternative practice management system with a unique database architecture. The new staff also followed different operating procedures and practiced a vastly different company culture. To help our client smoothly integrate this new practice into their system, we sought to: 

1) Ensure consistent patient care throughout the transition 

2) Establish a secure network connection between the offices 

3) Import existing patient data into the primary practice management system 

4) Align all existing technology with best practices 

5) Train incoming staff on new policies and procedures 



An initial assessment revealed that the acquired office’s database and company policies required elaborate data manipulation prior to importation into our client’s existing practice management system. We upgraded or patched all hardware to meet our client’s alignment needs and ensure compliance with established requirements. Additionally, a new firewall was deployed, establish a HIPAA-compliant encrypted connection to the practice management server. The Wi-fi was configured to provide both secure access for internal devices and an isolated connection for guests. To ensure successful on-boarding of new staff members, an office manager from another branch assisted with training.



The new office was successfully transitioned within one week. Staff continued seeing patients as scheduled during this time and reached full functionality within two weeks. Increased capacity and new patients dramatically improved staff morale and patient satisfaction. Recall rates increased because of proper database conversion.

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