Growing practice needs efficient remote access to data and communications




Our client, a growing law firm, was expanding outside of its original building, which housed their servers and other infrastructure. Attorneys were constantly on the move and needed a seamless transition between on-site and remote work. Therefore, data needed to be migrated to secure cloud storage and workflows updated accordingly. Additionally, we had to carry out the work with minimal operational impact, so as not to affect ongoing cases.



Our first step was to review existing IT infrastructure and conduct interviews with users. This established project parameters and allowed us to schedule work around the needs of the practice. Project steps included: 

  1. Setup and customize Microsoft Office 365 and a Microsoft SharePoint intranet site 
  2. Consult with client to ensure Office and SharePoint configurations meet practice needs. Train users in new operations. 
  3. Migrate practice data to secure cloud storage after work hours. This was a multi-stage transfer, due to the large amount of data. 
  4. Verify all users can successfully access hosted data 
  5. Update security settings and controls on all devices, alleviating dependency on local server 
  6. Configure printers and scanners to connect directly to user devices and SharePoint document center 
  7. Set up a managed firewall for second office location 



Thanks to interviews, reviews, and training, users engaged with the project and had a clear understanding of the process and outcome of the migration. As active participants, they assisted with steering the project and could take advantage of the new systems immediately after changes were complete. Additionally, all users received updated versions of Microsoft Office, helping to standardize and streamline office operations. Our centralized services tools ensure that IT runs smoothly at both office locations, including communication between offices. This eliminates the need for additional practice management software. Office 365 and other productivity tools allow attorneys and other staff to work from any location, at any time. We currently hold regular alignment meetings with the client and provide ongoing maintenance and updates, adapting their IT to meet the dynamic demands of the firm.

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