COVID-19 Resources

As many state leaders enact “shelter in place” orders, Avid Practice continues to be in a strong position delivering the quality, reliability, and support you rely on. We have compiled some resources and helpful links to help you keep your business run productively and successfully. 

Avid Practice is setting up clients with Secure Managed Remote Access so that they can transition their businesses to allow their employees to work from home safely. 

COVID-19 Business Relief Programs

Maryland is helping support their small businesses by offering COVID-19 Business Relief Programs. Read more about them here. Or watch our YouTube video where our president, Shawn Levin discusses this opportunity.

* The MD: Layoff Aversion Fund provides up to $50,000 to pay for employee remote access equipment (ex. computers, printers, telephones, etc.)


MD Layoff Aversion:

MD Layoff Aversion Application:

MD Grant:

MD Loan:

MD Manufacturer Relief:

SBA Disaster Relief Loan:

Blog Posts:

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How Businesses are Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic: 12 Ways to Utilize Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

If you’re new to using Microsoft Teams: How to Use the Microsoft Planner Efficiently


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