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Baltimore Co-Managed IT Services

Managing the IT needs of a business today can be complex. In the past, business owners have had to make a choice between setting up an internal IT department or outsourcing to a managed service provider. 

There is a third option, Baltimore MD co-managed IT support. This offers the best of both worlds. 

Co-Managed Services

This model of IT management is becoming more popular with companies looking to bolster their in-house teams with the support of a professional IT partner. It is a very customizable arrangement, which enables the business to choose the right level of support they need. 

For example, the in-house team may be dedicated to end-user support or break-fix but need support when it comes to strategic planning or out-of-hours coverage. 

How It Can Work Within Your Business

When partnering with a company for co-managed IT services, both parties work together to establish: 

  • The existing skills and resources of the in-house IT team
  • Gaps in resources can affect the day-to-day running of a business or the long-term goals of the business

From there, you can agree on which services your IT partner will provide. 

Who Can Benefit From Co-Managed IT?

Your business could benefit from a co-managed IT partner if any of the following apply: 

You have a small team that is at capacity. If your IT team is already working flat out to keep your company IT running then any additional products or personnel leaving could push them over their limits. Being able to rely on a co-managed IT partner can take the pressure off your team and ensure service levels are maintained. 

You have a big project coming up. You might be switching phone systems or moving the company onto an entirely new network. These projects require planning and commitment in order to ensure the roll-out is smooth and doesn’t interfere with the business. 

Skills gaps. Internal teams can’t be expected to be experts in every aspect of IT and there may not be a budget to hire in extra resources. In this particular situation, your co-managed IT partner can plug the knowledge gaps. 

Advantages Of Co-Managed Support

When choosing which route to take, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of any IT service. Some of the advantages and services included of co-managed IT solutions include: 

  • Maintain control and direction over your overall IT structure
  • Benefit from the up-to-date knowledge of co-managed IT personnel who are continuously trained and accredited
  • 24/7 support without having to burden your internal team with extra shifts or on-call rotations. If members of your team are out sick or on vacation, they have backup and you have them covered
  • Reduce costs associated with hiring and keeping employees on payroll and associated benefits full time 
  • Proactive monitoring and remediation can improve your network security, reducing your vulnerability in this area

These benefits can only be realized if you have the right co-managed IT support partner by your side. Avid Practice works with companies in a range of sectors, providing first-class co-managed support.

“Avid Practice has done everything for us. They have helped us split a practice into two separate organizations, start one practice, then start another. Within that, we’ve been able to tweak things according to what our needs are as we’ve grown.”

Adria Parkinson, Practice Manager Brady, Fischel, and Daily LLC

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