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Why does my business need managed IT Services?

There are many reasons your organization should enlist the assistance of a Baltimore managed IT services provider and/or use a defined method for moving to a managed services provider.

Do you believe your IT systems are more unpredictable than they should be? As your reliance on IT grows, is it important for your organization to increase profitability, security, and efficiency? Are your technology and compliance requirements growing significantly faster than your internal teams can support? Ask yourself these questions, and you may find the answer is a managed IT service provider

It is undeniable, throughout history, business has changed, and let’s face it, businesses are more dependent on technology and support more than ever. IT services were once available for mainly break-fix (you break it, IT services fixes it), but have since become so much more vital and important , now “managed” services, as reliance on it grows. There are a multitude of similarities between managed and break-fix IT services, but the most compelling are related to the actual value delivered. Switching your business into a managed services (from break-fix technology management) provider relationship will deliver significantly more protection.

When choosing between fully managed services providers, be sure to find one where a provider takes a role in many aspects of your business’s success. Whenever you general fixed fee arrangement, so you have predictable ongoing support costs.

Why are managed IT services important to your lasting success?

Perhaps it will help looking at our journey. Over the past 18 years, Avid Practice developed time-proven services in response to the real needs and budgets of businesses. Using our past IT experiences, our services have evolved a process-based approach as a way of delivering repeatable success while reducing risk. We decided to get into managed services because we discovered consulting and support are considerably more effective as a proactive effort where issues are fixed before becoming systemic problems. As your managed IT services provider, our approach differs from traditional IT service providers because we become deeply connected with your organization.

Avid Practice acts like your bridge between all services. We schedule our people in our office to non-peak hours for maintenance knowing it lowers the disruptive impact of necessary patching, maintenance and updates. We assist obtaining warranty extensions before expirations when necessary extending use of valuable assets. We encourage flexibility so our services cover hosting and managed environments. We believe that when calculating the real cost of IT for your organization, it is important to include all the time spent using, planning, building, training, supporting, and managing the systems and users. Our ultimate goal is your success and we want to be as valuable and impactful to your business as possible.


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“Avid Practice has done everything for us. They have helped us split a practice into two separate organizations, start one practice, then start another. Within that, we’ve been able to tweak things according to what our needs are as we’ve grown.”

Adria Parkinson, Practice Manager Brady, Fischel, and Daily LLC

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